1. Who is the target Marchay member?

  2. Why is a private travel community revolutionary?

  3. What are the benefits and services Marchay provide to its members?

  4. What value does Marchay offer?

  5. Is Marchay a concierge?

  6. Is Marchay a travel agent?

  7. Why is there a $25K minimum spend?

  8. How do members book?

  9. Can members refer other members?

  10. How do I join?

  11. Do you do corporate or group memberships?

  12. What does the name Marchay mean?

  1. Who is Marchay for?

Marchay is especially created for engaged, adventurous and sophisticated people who want to have the best experiences when traveling and organize their travel lives in a smart way. Anyone who travels First and Business Class and stays at top chains like Mandarin and Four Seasons would benefit from being part of Marchay. Most of our current members run or own businesses, are professional investors or leaders in creative fields.

  1. What is a private travel community and what are its advantages?

Our structure as a private community is based on a few fundamental principles. First, our group has similar travel habits and needs, so everything we do is directed towards our membership base. Second, we are able to leverage our collective buying power and quality of our group to gain preferential rates and gain access to unique services. Third, we have a fiduciary approach to our members, so we think only what is in their best interest, rather than having a commission driven service. Fourth, our members contribute their relationships and ideas to Marchay. Each member therefore gets value from every other member and their contributions. This is the power of the community.

  1. What are the benefits and services Marchay provide to its members?

Marchay books all of our member’s travel in a way that is fundamentally better than a commercially available travel agency or online. The core of the Marchay value proposition is its service. Members and their family get a dedicated in-house travel advisor who are a new member of their team, organizing all their travel. We also have hundreds of discounted rates at top hotels and a rate in pretty much every major city globally, in addition value added amenity packages at nearly every luxury property. We have a flight team charged with finding the best options on international first and business class tickets and have access to wholesale rates that often save significant money on these flights. Members also access the expertise, resources and service to plan and execute unique and complex leisure experiences. We are also mining the travel tips and addresses of our membership group and tastemaker friends called our “collective brain” that is available through the service and will be increasingly online. Finally, there is a rich partner program you can read more about here. Our benefits continue to expand as membership grows.   

  1. What value does Marchay offer?

Value is ingrained in the Marchay DNA. On an average five-night stay in a regular room members save $1000-1500 with the private rates alone, and much more in suites. But the value to the member is far in excess of the hotel contracts. The Marchay service is fundamentally trained to think in terms of value without sacrificing the experience . In short, Members save multiples of the membership fee on our proprietary hotel rates, and get service, experience and community benefits on top.

  1. What type of travel does Marchay do?

We do all travel arrangements for our members. We have assembled a unique set of resources to make Marchay a complete travel home for our community. Due to our specific mission and private club model we ask that members move all their travel to us, both work and leisure travel.

  1. Does Marchay plan experiential travel and big trips?

Yes, we do. We have the expertise, taste and sophistication to plan extraordinary leisure trips for our members. We have a close feedback loop so we receive valuable intelligence when members return from interesting trips. We feed this intelligence back to the community. We will shortly start publicizing these itineraries together with member feedback so that other members can use it for inspiration. This is one of many ways we provide unique value as a closed community.   

  1. Is Marchay a concierge?

No, we do not make restaurant reservations, book theater tickets or provide lifestyle services. The service part of Marchay exists to advise and execute hotel and air bookings in a transformative way. As a member reserves his/her hotel with us they can access the hotel concierge prior to their stay and make all concierge arrangements directly through them. We facilitate the introduction to ensure a seamless transition.

  1. Is Marchay a travel agent?

No, Marchay was created by, and exists for, as kind of a user response to deficiencies we saw in travel service. That response was to create a closed community built around, and delivering travel service to, our members. Our business is primarily membership, not commission-based. We have partnered with a leading luxury travel agency as an infrastructure partner to allow us to provide all their travel resources to our members, filtered through our platform and service.

  1. Why is there a $25K minimum spend?

Three reasons. First, the value we create is based on our collective volume. Second, the more a member books, the more we get to know him/her which enables us to provide better service. Third, industry commission supplements the membership fee to pay for the service to members. Without this travel flow the membership fee would be a multiple of current levels.

  1. How does the travel service work?

Each member is paired with a dedicated advisor who will generally be the point of contact for all travel requirements. To make a request you send an email, call or make a request through the online portal. You will get a response within 30 minutes during business hours, and everything will be handled efficiently as we have your personal preferences and payment details securely stored on file.

  1. Does Marchay charge booking fees?

We generally do not have any fees, as we do not think small charges is healthy to a membership relationship nor is it luxury. We would only charge a fee in cases where it would benefit the member and/or the community as a whole.

There are currently two areas where we charge fees.

First, we have a domestic and economy flight fee as it is usually better for the member to book these tickets directly on their own for several reasons. For international first and business class tickets we do not have a fee and we strongly encourage members book these through us. We have significant expertise on this type of flights and we often achieve a price advantage versus the public fare.

Second, we have a Trip Management Fee for big leisure and other complex trips with a considerable planning element. These trips take significant planning time to do well and are not priced into the standard annual fee. We add significant value in this area to create personalized and special experiences for the members, and we manage everything to make sure the the trip is extra special. Normal bookings of hotel and air, or light multi destination trips are not affected by this fee.


  1. Can members refer other members?

Yes, referrals are by far the best way to build our membership base. Our members are our ambassadors, and as users they will know which of their friends and associates will fit Marchay. We track referrals and like nothing more than saying thank you to our referring members with surprise travel credits or other benefits.

  1. Do you do corporate or group memberships?

Companies signing up their most senior executives are a core part of Marchay. We enable these members to stay in higher level hotels at significantly reduced corporate rates, gain access to our elevated service, adapted to their needs, and to join a global peer group. These executives would need to book outside existing TMC relationships, which many do in any case.

  1. How do I join?

You fill out an application through this website. If we think it could be a fit, we will reach out within a few days to schedule a brief interview. This call is to ensure that the program is a fit, that the member will extract value from Marchay and will be a positive contributor to the community. The call lasts anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

  1. What does the name Marchay mean?

The platform was started in Paris, where the verb “marcher” is multi-purpose meaning “to work effectively (ça marche)”, “to walk”, or “to go”. We thought all these were appropriate and liked the originality of the phonetic spelling.

Marchay Member Travel

15+ nights in 5* hotel

Private, First or Business Class fights

Minimum $25,000 travel spend /year

One large vacation /year

Loves travel and discovery