Together As One

Marchay is a revolutionary travel platform built on leveraging the collective power of the group to drive experience and value for each member

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What is Marchay?

Marchay is a curated, membership-based travel service and community for CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of creative fields. Marchay members and their families enjoy significant benefits that enrich their travel and help them live more fully

About Us

“We are able to bend the cost curve by organizing ourselves as a group, and we are supported by exceptional service.”

Ravenel Boykin Curry

“I love Marchay. I try to use it all the time, everywhere I go. It provides fantastic, efficient service.”

Andreas Keller Sarmiento

“They have taste and are serious about what they are doing.”

Bronson Van Wyck

“It has quickly become essential to my travel life.”

Marc Schwartz

“Ever since joining Marchay, early after its inception, our travel planning has been considerably simplified, and both our experience and value significantly enhanced.”

Delphine Krakoff

“We use it very regularly and in many ways have come to rely on it. I was there from the beginning and it’s been really fun to see it develop”

Neil Blair

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Marchay.

We are building a completely new model in travel, one based on a group of like-minded users joining together to create something fundamentally different and better than what has been available previously.

The initial inspiration came from a group of friends who used to work for large companies but left to start their own businesses in different fields. We all traveled frequently for work and leisure, and wanted to elevate these experiences.

Our solution was to re-create the travel benefits we enjoyed at our old firms (specifically, rates), but enhance it with personalized service, sophistication, curation, a love of travel and discovery, and a connection with other members. This is Marchay.

By coming together our members have benefits ranging from the practical of having proprietary rates and access to luxury hotels and other services, to more meaningfully being part of a platform that knows and understands you, has a person dedicated to you whom you can trust, which is focused exclusively on travel at the highest level, and which is made up of a community of people who travel as you do.

About our name. We started the business while based in Paris, and our name is a phonetic spelling of the French verb marcher, which can mean to work, to go, to move, to walk, or as a noun for “market.” The word has many uses but is generally distilled to a simple ça marche, or “that works for me.”

Similarly, we seek to bring together different elements–members, taste, service, resources, passion, technology, values–to create something simple and wonderful that works for everyone.

The Marchay Team