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Marchay Membership

Our unique model as a private group of like-minded travelers allows us to enter partnerships with top brands, design our own fiduciary structured service, and share ideas and recommendations to enrich our travel lives. Together we create the ultimate travel resource we can trust, which is the greatest luxury of all.

Who is it for?

Marchay is for sophisticated travelers who want smart, organized travel and a platform to engage with curious, like-minded people. Members include an international group of business owners, investors, entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of creative industries.

How It Works

Each member and their family have access to their own dedicated advisory team. We do on-boarding calls and orientation with both members and their assistants. Spouses and domestic partners have full membership rights and usage along with the member.

Joining Marchay

Marchay welcomes all people who fit our travel profile and who would make a positive contribution to our community. Each prospective member has a 20 minute call to review their travel patterns and upcoming needs to ensure it is a mutual fit.

“I love Marchay. I try to use it all the time, everywhere I go. It provides fantastic, efficient service.”

LATAM & US-Based
Private Equity Investor

“It has quickly become essential to my travel life.”

Family Office & Philanthropic Foundation

“I feel fortunate to be a Marchay member because Marchay makes my life better when I travel. I don’t know how any high-end traveler could survive without Marchay."

Managing Partner
Private Equity Firm

"We must have Marchay to travel. My Marchay team has been incredible to work with, and we look forward to a long relationship with them."

US-Based Steel Company

"We have been a client of Marchay for about a year and regret not joining earlier. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of my team, including the promptness of their engagement. With Marchay I have great peace of mind when I travel knowing that everything has been taken care of."


“Marchay is exactly what I was looking for: to receive dedicated service and to be the priority. They are incredibly thorough. Marchay is worth the investment."


Marchay Member Travel

15+ nights in 5* hotel

Private, First or Business Class fights

Minimum $25,000 travel spend /year

One large vacation /year

Loves travel and discovery