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Journey to St. Barth, a Caribbean paradise in the French West Indies. Famous for its five-star resorts, pristine beaches, and upscale amenities, even celebrities are lined up to experience what makes this island special.

Visitors can only get to St. Barths by cruises from nearby islands of Anguilla and Guadeloupe, or take the Winair charter shuttle from Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten to nose-dive from the mountains on the unique short runway.

This comprehensive travel guide includes attractions, activities, and seasonal festivals that Marchay members can enjoy during their stay in St. Barths. Plan a dream Caribbean vacation to St. Barths by exploring the best times to visit the island and what kind of weather to expect during your visit.


When Is The Best Time To Visit St. Barths?

St. Barths is a popular travel destination in the Caribbean with beautiful tropical weather year-round. However, with an annual hurricane season, some times of the year are more favorable than others to visit. The best time to visit St. Barths is during the winter, which coincides with the dry season on the island.

Locally referred to as the “lent” season, the dry season in St. Barths is from December to May. This season has the perfect temperatures in the 70-80s, and there is always a refreshing breeze blowing in from the ocean.

Winter is the high season for travel in St. Barths, with many tourists arriving for their holiday vacations. With more than a third of the local islanders working in the tourism sector, travelers can expect island-wide experiences like upscale oceanfront resorts, exciting ATV tours to unique viewpoints, and paradise beaches for relaxing or swimming in the refreshing waters.

Alternatively, spring can be one of the best times to visit St. Barts for travelers hoping to experience the same great weather and island activities while avoiding large crowds. This off-peak travel time gives the same perks of winter travel and features exciting local festivals and holiday celebrations.


When Is The Worst Time To Visit St. Barths?

While thoughts of spending time in a Caribbean paradise such as St. Barths can excite any traveler, you might want to reconsider your trip at certain times of the year. The Caribbean Islands are known for their annual hurricane season, which can quickly bring tropical storms to the island. The worst time to visit St. Barths is during the late summer or early fall when there is a higher chance of hurricane activity.

Late summer and early fall are the low seasons for travel in St. Barths since it occurs during the hurricane season. Hurricane season usually brings uncomfortably hot temperatures and lots of wind. Additionally, since most of the island is based around tourism, many activities, beaches, and resorts close during the season due to a lack of tourists.

With unpredictable weather and fewer things to do in St. Barths during this period, most travelers choose to avoid visiting during these months.

Keep in mind that some travelers may prefer to travel during the summer and fall months. The low season means fewer crowds on the island, so it feels like a remote getaway. There are still plenty of beautiful days of perfect weather, but it can be unpredictable.


Visiting St. Barths In The Spring

Travelers are in luck for those who can experience St. Barths in the spring. With the high season nearing an end but not yet time for the hurricane winds to arrive, it’s the best time to visit St. Barths. Visitors will experience all the island’s beauty and can join celebrations of many heritage festivals held during this season.

Spring months between March to May are part of the “lent” season, or cool-season in St. Barths. The beautiful tropical weather keeps temperatures in the 70-80s, and there isn’t much rain during these months. Water temperatures remain warm enough to enjoy spending time at the beach and long days full of sun for lounging on the sand.

As the lent season nears an end, it’s a time when St. Barths ramps up its activities and hosts some of the biggest cultural festivals on the islands. Stand on the harbor and admire the large white sails lining the horizon as part of the St. Barths Bucket Regatta or the West Indies Regatta. It also hosts the St. Barth Film Festival during this season.

The best part about visiting St. Barths in the spring is avoiding the large crowds to indulge in all the island’s luxuries at your leisure.


Visiting St. Barths In The Summer

The summer months of June to August in St. Barths introduce new weather patterns on the island. It’s the start of the hurricane season, characterized by hot weather and lots of wind.

Before rushing to St. Barths in search of hot, tropical weather in the summer, consider that the temperatures can reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If these temperatures sound ideal, travelers can look forward to warm water conditions and lots of sun, which peaks in June with over 13-hours of daylight.

Summer is the low travel season in St. Barths because of the rainy season, or even hurricanes, although these are more common in later months. As the hurricane season begins, winds on the islands pick up speeds drastically. June and July are the windiest months of the year.

Visiting St. Barths during the summer can be one of the best times to go when seeking a quiet, relaxing Caribbean Island vacation. With most of the tourist crowds gone for the summer, it’s the best time to enjoy empty beaches and fewer crowds during island tours. It’s a popular time for events such as Gustavia Day, celebrating the Saint Barth culture, or Bastille Day, an ode to the island’s French heritage.


Visiting St. Barths In The Fall

Weather in St. Barths during the fall is highly unpredictable. One day can bring beautiful, clear skies for enjoying the warm, tropical weather, while the next day can be heavy precipitation from an oncoming hurricane. Due to the unpredictability of what kind of weather to expect during a visit, fall is usually the least popular time to visit St. Barths.

Fall lies within the heart of hurricane season. September has the highest chance of hurricanes, and October is the wettest month, with rain occurring over half the days in the month. While travelers can still experience beautiful days, other times of year are preferred for visiting the island compared to the fall.

The St. Barths tourism industry reacts according to the low season of visitors to the island. It’s a popular time for local islanders to take their vacations away from the island, and there are several closings for beaches, resorts, and activities due to inactivity or renovations.

The overall island of St. Barths is much quieter during the fall. For travelers considering visiting in the fall, visiting starting in late October is recommended. The stormy weather begins to clear up, and November is a popular time for early birds looking to beat the tourist crowds arriving in the high season.


Visiting St. Barths In The Winter

The winter months from December to February are considered part of the “lent” season in St. Barths and are frequently considered the best time of year to visit St. Barths. With perfect weather for escaping the winter cold, it’s become a popular destination for snowbirds on their holiday breaks.

St. Barths in the winter is the peak travel time. After the thin crowds and quiet island experience in the fall, tourist activity increases significantly in mid-December. It’s an excellent time to experience the island when it’s most energetic with lots of people staying in Gustavia and tourist activities available for everyone.

A wintertime getaway to St. Barths is perfect for reveling in the warm, tropical weather. Temperatures average in the 70-80s with significantly less rainfall than other seasons, making it an ideal climate for spending time on the beach, tourist Gustavia, or checking out other attractions on the island.

With winter being such a desired time to visit St. Barths, there is always a high demand for travel. As a result, resorts, villas, and even island tours get quickly booked, while reservations at popular restaurants are recommended to ensure availability.



Attractions & Things To Do In St. Barths

Plan the ultimate Caribbean getaway to Saint Barthélemy. Relax on the tropical white sand beaches or immerse yourself in the charming French heritage rooted in the island. Discover some of the many activities recommended to Marchay members to indulge in the island’s wonders.


— Sunbathe On The Saline Beach

The secluded shores of Saline Beach offer plenty of privacy to enjoy a leisure day at the beach. Go for a swim in the clear blue waters before drying off on the white sand beach beneath the warm Caribbean sun.

— Go On A Shopping Spree In Gustavia

Stroll the lively streets of Gustavia beneath the iconic red-roof buildings where designer boutique shops bring the latest French fashions to the Caribbean shores for a world-class shopping experience.

— Explore St. Jean Beach

Sink your toes in the warm golden sands of St. Jean Beach as you walk along one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. Enjoy views of boats wading in the harbor while sipping drinks from the beach club.

— Try Kitesurfing At Grand Cul De Sac Beach

Tradewinds from the ocean create the perfect conditions for kite surfing in St. Barths. Join the parade of colorful kites floating above the bay as you cruise on top of the water surface.

— Take In The Views At Fort Gustave

Ascend the hillside to Fort Gustave, a 17th-century fort overlooking Gustavia. It offers one of the best views over Shell Beach, with the pure blue Caribbean Ocean extending endlessly towards the horizon.


Bottom Line

St. Barths is one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the Caribbean. It’s one of the destinations that Marchay members get access to and can experience an upscale island vacation getaway.

Traveling to St. Barthelemy is perfect for winter and holiday travel when the island experiences peak travel season. It’s the best time to visit because of the warm tropical climate and no rain compared to other times of the year. Plan a trip to St. Barths outside of the hurricane season, with the most stormy weather in September and October.

This guide covers the best things to do in St. Barths in each season so that you can plan your next vacation to this beautiful island.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is high season in St. Barths?

St. Barths is a popular island destination in the Caribbean that experiences a high demand for travel during peak times of the year. The high season in St. Barths is in the winter, with many travelers looking to trade in the cold, snowy climate for the tropical weather still flourishing on the island at this time of year.

Peak wintertime travel to St. Barths lasts from December to February. The busiest times are when tourists arrive for their Christmas or New Years’ holidays.

In the high season in St. Barths, tourists can expect the best weather conditions for enjoying the beach, water sports, and other outdoor activities on the islands. Peak season also brings the largest tourists crowds. Tours and accommodations frequently get booked fast during the season, and many activities require prior reservations.


Where do celebrities stay on St. Barths?

It’s no secret that St. Barths is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for celebrities. Exclusive five-star resorts like Hotel Le Toiny, Le Sereno, and Cheval Blanc with amenities like an infinity pool and spas, upscale dining in famous restaurants like Bonito St. Barth, and idyllic beaches make it a favorite place to escape for some of the top celebrities worldwide. The most common time to spot celebrities on St. Barths is during the New Years’ holiday, but it’s a popular year-round destination where celebrities retreat for a bit of privacy.

Celebrities looking to splurge on a vacation to St. Barths tend to rent their own private villas, such as in Eden Rock, or other exclusive accommodations. St. Barths offers several amenities for celebrities seeking an escape from the large crowds and tend to keep a low profile on the island, even if they are spotted around Gustavia’s restaurant and nightlife scene.

Keep in mind to respect celebrities’ privacy while visiting St. Barths.


What are the best beaches on St. Barths?

The white sandy shores merging with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean give St. Barths some of the most beautiful beaches. Over a dozen beaches line the coasts, and visitors have easy access to them. Plan to visit one beach or take time to explore some of the best beaches on St. Barths.

Driving across the entire St. Barths island takes approximately a half-hour, so it’s easy to visit a few beaches while visiting. The best beaches in St. Barths are St Jean Beach, Nikki Beach, Saline Beach, and Colombier Beach.

Many of the top resorts in St. Barths are located near these beaches, allowing guests to reach the scenic sandy shores within a few steps. Enjoy exciting beach activities like swimming, kayaking, and other water sports. Or set up a towel and umbrella and lounge on the shore.


What is the average temperature in St. Barths?

One of the best parts about visiting St. Barts is the weather. It has a warm, tropical climate all year-round, so it’s ideal for travelers looking for a warmer place to visit during the winter.

The average temperature in St. Barths remains consistent in the 70-80s. During the cooler winter months, temperatures average in the low- to mid-70s, while the hot summer months can reach over 90°F.

Travelers who want to go swimming or snorkeling in St. Barths can enjoy year-round warm water temperatures in the high-70s to low-80s. The water temperatures are the warmest during the summer season.

Although the summer has warmer weather, it’s not a popular time to visit St. Barths. The summer is part of the hurricane season, and it’s the time of year with the most rainfall on the island.


How many people live on St. Barths?

St. Barths is one of the smallest countries in the Caribbean, both in size and population. According to recent census data, its population is 9,925 people, and it’s growing year over year.

Many local islanders come from French descendants who historically populated the island. It also attracts wealthy individuals and celebrities to purchase homes on the island.

Gustavia, the capital of St. Barths, has the highest concentration of the population, with approximately 2,300 residents living here. It’s the main port area with most shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses on the island.

Tourism is the biggest industry in St. Barths. It welcomes over 200,000 tourists throughout the year, with numbers peaking in the winter.

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